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You need one. Period. If you don’t have one, you do not exist. People will check your website before they ever decide to step foot in your doors. If they can’t find you, they will go elsewhere. Investing in an excellent website does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Nor does it require knowing how to code. It must offer the information users are looking for with a minimum of effort on their part. If you need to build, switch or update your website, contact Kingdom Strategies and let us do the work.


Virtual Assistant to Churches
Virtual Assistant to Churches

Let’s face it, running small churches is hard. Not enough people, not enough time and too many hats. We can help. Let Kingdom Strategies handle those tasks that often get left undone, or worse, done improperly due to lack of’s. What can we handle?

Answer emails

Scedule appointments

Maintain church database

…and more

Digital Giving
Digital Giving

If your church has not embraced digital giving, you are definitely missing money. The church attenders of today have an entirely different mindset about money. Most of the younger generation  doesn’t carry cash or checks. Digital giving allows for giving at any time, not just when people are present in your building. It has been proven that churches who offer online giving forms see an increase in giving.  Take a look at some stats from  ) .

  • 60% of church attenders are willing to give to their church digitally!

  • Churches that accept tithing online increase overall donations by 32%.

There are multiple ways to offer digital giving in addition to your traditional methods.  Let’s find one that works for you.

Social Media
Social Media

Consider this stat from Capterra:

More than 70% of nonprofit communicators consider social media one of their most important communication channels. According to Nonprofit Marketing Guide’s 2016 report, 71% of nonprofit communication professionals consider social media one of their most important channels, second only to their website (80%). (Source: Nonprofit Marketing Guide)

Lets face it. Trying to be everywhere on social media just because the “big” churches do it is not an effective strategy. You need to be where the people that God has called you to reach are.  That may be the Big 3 (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or it may not. Let’s find your church’s unique social media voice together.



Kingdom Strategies will train your staff to effectively use the systems you have set up. Hourly rates apply.


Personal coaching is also available. Hourly rates apply.


If you would like to have me speak at your event, complete the form here.

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