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Who We Are

Trying to navigate the communications needs of a small church or business can be a real headache. You look at a megachurch or large business and wish you could do at least some of what they have. But the reality is, small churches and businesses often don't have the budget or people needed to get a good start. That's where Kingdom Strategies comes in.  We assess all of your current efforts and see what and where you want to go as you respond to the call of God to "Go ye therefore..." or grow your small business.

About Me

I am Josette Dingle. I started Kingdom Strategies as a social media management company four years ago. I began helping people who didn't understand social media and technology or who simply did not have the time to run their social media effectively. Since that time, I have seen the need in the church planting arena to help churches become more effective at their church planting and communications efforts. I  will work  with any small church  or small business who expresses the need for my services, including the church where I currently serve as Administrator.


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