Email Security for Churches

Thechurchcojohn   -  

I wanted to address something I’ve been seeing smaller churches do that is a potential security issue. That is the issue of email. I am a proponent of having secure emails through your church domain. For instance, my ministry domain is I have our email through Google Workspace (thanks to Techsoup). What’s the difference between regular free Gmail and Google Workspace for your domain email? Security. This is the biggest one for me. Your personal, free email through Gmail is not secure, although Google does a good job with spam most of the time. It can be spoofed and a lot of havoc wreaked by scammers. Secondly, professionalism. When you are handling business on behalf of your church, your message will be taken much more seriously when it has a professional look from your secure church domain. You should never be sending emails related to church business or events from your private email address. If you are a registered 501(3)c, you can get either Office 365 or Google Worskspace through Techsoup for FREE. So take the time and secure your emails. Your congregations will thank you.